Location: Brantford, Ontario
Date: December 7 – December 14, 2023
December 7 – December 14, 2023 Including a large selection of "new in the box" vintage toys, Shelley, Limoges and Booths china, large Moorcroft vase, R. Lalique vase, miniature cast iron Singer sewing machine, a Mikiphone pocket phonograph, antique lighting, wool carpets, antique furniture, original oil paintings, a variety of of artifacts and masks from Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Tibet, Nepal and the South Pacific, Native North American items, antique radios, grandfather and grandmother clocks, folk art, sterling silver, a sterling travel clock, antique bottles, vintage signs and more.

Welcome to Visbids’ Christmas Sale, and final auction of 2023.   

Be prepared for a hit of serious nostalgia! Visbids had the good fortune this fall to gain access to the storage unit of a toy dealer from the 60’s. We found old cap guns in their holsters, Roy Roger’s Signal Guns, wind-up tin toys, and a selection of the weird and wonderful! We also had other consignors with old toy treasures. A box full of Tonka toys, in their original boxes. They are as mint as the day they were packaged. A truly spectacular handmade wooden doll house, complete with wood floors and a grand curving staircase. A hand carved folk art Noah’s Ark, and a selection of wooden toddler’s toys. One of our favourite items is a miniature cast iron, enamelled, Singer’s sewing machine, in mint condition. It is meant as a child’s “toy”, but is a working replica of their full size machines. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the young, or simply the young at heart, we’ve got you covered! 

One of the more unusual items is a Mikiphone Pocket Phonograph. Made in 1924, by Hungarian Brothers Miklos and Etienne Vadasz, it was the world’s first pocket record player. It was mass produced by Maison Paillard of St Croix, Switzerland. Beginning in 1860 with the manufacture of music boxes, they evolved to disc gramophones in 1905, and in 1927 began building electric amplifiers for gramophones and later still, radio equipment. 180,000 of the Mikiphones were produced. Very precisely packaged and stored in a nickel plated, round box, with not a centimeter of wasted space, it was a technological marvel for the time. 

 Another compact, innovative item for its era is the stunning Asprey & Co. sterling silver travel clock. The iconic British House of Asprey was established in 1781, and historically recognized as one of the world’s pre-eminent producers of silver, leather and other luxury goods. Dating to 1910, and nestled into a fitted box, it would have been a prized possession for the early 20th C. traveller! 

 On the theme of travel, we are privileged to be selling a consignor’s collection, brought home over decades of globetrotting.  On offer are beautifully woven baskets from Africa, as well as a dramatic selection of painted and adorned masks and ceremonial pieces. The Tibetan Damuru drum is a small 2 headed drum, used in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It is also known as the instrument of the Hindu deity Shiva, and is used by itinerant musicians of all stripes, due to its portable size. The gruesomely named “Fijian Cannibal Fork” or “Ai Cula Ni Bokola” was apparently originally intended as a fork for the chief of the tribe to participate in the ritual consumption of human flesh. Deemed too holy to handle the flesh of the dead, he would have been able to remain spiritually clean while being fed with one of these forks. Due to the taboo nature of cannibal forks, they were highly treasured, and kept in the “spirit house”, a community place of worship. Horrifying!  Yet fascinating.  

 As always, we strongly encourage coming by for a preview. It’s a nice country drive to Brantford! 

 We’d like to wish all our loyal customers a wonderful holiday season, and best wishes for the New Year. We look forward to bringing you many exciting auctions in 2024! 

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