Location: Brantford, Ontario
Date: October 22 – November 9, 2023
October 22 – November 9, 2023 An exciting selection of sterling silver, militaria, listed Canadian art, antique furniture, native American, Inuit and African artifacts and prints, French antiques, including hand held fans, vintage lighting, china including Royal Copenhagen and a large dinner set of Bing and Grondahl, vintage clothing, carpets, early Canadian pressed glass, late 18th C grandfather clock and more.

Visbids is pleased to offer a wide ranging selection of antiques and collectables for your bidding pleasure!  

Our intrepid team braved the cobwebs of the attic of a multi-generational military family in Toronto to extract many long forgotten treasures – including pre WWI  Canadian military photographs, as well as artifacts from the first and second world wars. A superb British brass and leather cased sharp shooter’s telescope and wooden tripod is one of the highlights. There are also a number of items that were brought back from Africa, during a relative’s time commanding the troops in what was then the Belgian Congo, including an early wooden drum and wood carvings. Coincidentally, another consignor has entrusted us with some small tribal knives that had been presented, with great ceremony to his grandfather, who worked for the UN in Eritrea in the late 40’s. Legend has it the small curved knife was used for disembowelling the kill! There are also a number of vintage Masai items, brought to Canada in the 70’s, including 2 large painted shields. To round out our collection of items representing other cultures and ethnicities are 2 collections of vintage Inuit items, including small, exquisitely rendered bone carvings depicting life as a hunter in Canada’s far north, as well as a number of North American native beaded leather artifacts, including a pipe bag, knife sheath, awl and leather holsters. 

At the other end of the spectrum, we have your festive holiday table needs covered! We have a large selection of sterling silver, much of it coming from the iconic Canadian company, Birks. Included are vases, bowls, salt cellars, flatware and much more. High quality British silver plate is also on offer, including an elegant John Round & Sons roll top server on 4 legs, as well as platters, urns and tea services. To round out your Christmas table is an extensive collection of Bing and Grondahl tableware in the seagull pattern. B&G launched this pattern in 1895, and it remained in production till 1997. In a white and blue ombre background, with textured scalloped borders, this set is in pristine condition and includes everything from plates and bowls to a covered soup casserole, pedestal dishes and vases. 

Another collection, which highlights a consignor’s passion for all things French, includes some spectacular antiques and collectables, including a collection of antique fans, as well as wooden panetieres or bread cupboards, an unusual enamelled metal corner sink, with hinged bowl, and a dramatic French tortoiseshell boulle secretaire. 

The art we are presenting runs the gamut from traditional to contemporary. Included are original acrylics by Ricardo Rumi, whose dynamic oversize canvases have gained renown in recent years, in the American art market in particular, as well as works by Bruce O’Neil, a Canadian artist belonging to the prairies abstraction movement of the 1970’s. Of particular interest to art collectors will be our oil on board by the Mexican artist Jesus Ortiz Tajonar, 1919 – 1990, an important figure in the modernist movement in Mexican art. In the sculpture department, along with our soapstones there is a pair of carved, solid lapis lazuli Chinese figures representing an ancient king and queen.  

There is a reason we titled this auction an “Eclectic Selection”. It’s a fun and interesting auction to look at, and it was fun to list. As always, with our best auctions, it is an education for us, and, we hope, for our customers. We encourage you to make the trip to our Brantford location to preview the auction for yourself. There is nothing to substitute for seeing an item in person! Please call John at 416 453 0920, to set up a viewing appointment. 

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