Location: 2100-28 SIDE ROAD, MOFFAT, ON
Date: September 8-14, 2023
September 8 – September 14, 2023 Boutique on-line auction of Canadian, British, American, and European 19/20th C oil paintings and watercolours, bronze sculpture, KPM and Royal Doulton and other porcelains, sterling silver, cornflower and Murano glass, Asian black lacquer vintage furniture, antique furniture and ceramics.

This is a boutique on-line auction featuring the first part of a major art collection.  In this auction there are original oils and watercolours by several listed artists from Canada, US, England, and Europe.  A number of the paintings are by Eastern European and Russian artists.  

This is a true discovery auction as there are a number of paintings with either illegible signatures or no signatures at all, offering the opportunity for a great discovery. You will have to check out the lots very carefully and see if you can decipher a signature or place an unsigned painting with a particular artist.  A sincere effort was made to determine who painted each painting but some remain unknown or attributed. 

There are a number of paintings in this collection in the manner of major artists.  There are works in the manner of John Constable, J.W. Turner, David Tessiers II, and Theodore Rousseau.  Most of these paintings are 19th C.  A number of the paintings have antique frames of quality as well so you will need to look not only at the images but also their frames.  

Along with the selection of oils and watercolours, there are a number of bronzes from France, Spain, etc.  

In later auctions we will be selling the library from the collectors who had this art collection.  They had a very extensive library dating back over 40 years.  It is a scholar’s library. 

Along with the art we have added porcelains by KPM and Royal Doulton, a small grouping of cornflower crystal, and quite an extensive amount of sterling flatware.  There are also a sterling child’s cup and porringers. 

Our auction has a small selection of vintage black lacquer furniture with mother-of-pearl and hardstone decoration.  There is also a very unusual bronze table, coffee table size with marble top that stands only 6” high. It is a high quality piece. 

There are also additional furnishings from another estate with several pieces of very well refinished oak furniture including dressers, beds, an open dish cupboard, and clocks.  The furniture has been very carefully maintained and is in excellent condition.   

Our auctions always tend to have some unusual items.  We have in this auction a very early hard paper covered wooden suitcase from the mid 19th C.  A true survivor.   Also there is a wooden drinking vessel called a quaich or Scottish drinking cup from the early 19th C that is a collector’s piece.  

If you require high resolution pictures of any of the art or any of the other antiques or collectibles please feel free to email us at  We will be glad to provide close-ups of signatures, frames, restoration, etc. that will make your bidding easier.  We have made every attempt to disclose any flaws or defects but as stated in our auction policy all BIDS are FINAL and everything is sold as is where is, so please ask any questions you like. Since there is so much art in this auction we encourage you to come out, preview the sale, and enjoy the surrounding countryside.  Feel free to email us at the above address or call 519-803-3945 to set up a time to preview or ask a question or two. 

Thanks and good luck with your bidding.