Location: Moffat, Ontario
Date: December 23, 2023 – January 4, 2024
December 23, 2023 – January 4, 2024 A wide ranging auction with early lighting, iron, fireplace, furniture, pottery and porcelains, Sherman Jewellery, memorabilia from Canadian rock legends to baseball and basketball stars, a collection of pre-WWI Canadian athletic medals, advertising collectibles from the 1950s – 2000 and so much more.

This is a diverse sale combining two main collections, one antique focussed, one modern, with select additions. 

The antique collector will be excited with the array and quality of offerings from one lifetime collection.  For the pottery specialist there are examples of redware, stoneware, and earthenware from the Maritimes, New England, Pennsylvania, several from south western Ontario and Huron County potteries.  For those who would like to set an elegant table the auction has pearlware, transferware and lustre tea cups, bowls and plates. 

There is a strong focus on early fireplace.  There are trammels, hanging fry pans, trivets, kettles, ladles, etc.  One special mention is the footed kettle which came from an early St. Catharines Douglas family farm c1800. This auction has the last of the early pine mantles from this collection that had been saved from houses in Ontario.   

For the early lighting enthusiast there is a large assortment of whale oil lamps, candlesticks, grease lamps, even an 18th C tinder box, complete with its original flint and striker.   

The Indigenous basketry comes in all shapes and sizes from a small twine jewellery box to large footed hampers.  Most of these baskets were collected in Ontario. 

Of special note are the early boxes and trunks.  Including a pine dome top box from Quebec, an early hide covered travel trunk and early storage boxes from the US and Canada. 

It is worth pointing out that the collector documented almost all his purchases; where they were bought and when he bought them.  He acquired examples from a number of important collections including Ralph and Pat Price here in Ontario, as well as Harry Hartman of Pennsylvania.  Other names and collections are mentioned throughout the auction. 

Advance 100-200 years and you arrive at the time frame for the second collection.  The collectors were passionate about preserving the history of our material culture.  They acquired for example Ronnie Hawkins pool cue, and then took the extra measure all those years ago to ask him for his autograph and a note to help document the ownership of the cue for posterity. 

The same collectors were fascinated with preserving local history especially as it related to the automobile industry.  They collected many calendars displaying vintage cars as well as insignias and advertising items from local car dealerships.  There is everything from key chains to car insignia to a dealership welcome mat.  The collectors were sports fans as well keeping a few trophies like signed Blue Jays baseballs and hockey greats posters. 

In addition other collectors consigned some interesting antiques and collectibles.  One of the highlights is a set of 4 whiskey and brandy barrels.  These barrels were used by the bartender to dispense whisky, brandy or other beverages.  They served the dual purpose of dressing up the back bar and also making it much easier to pour beverages for the customer.  The bartender siphoned the liquor from large wooden barrels into these Staffordshire barrels and then simply turned the spigot to pour drinks.   

Another highlight is the scarce Featherlight 221, mint condition in its original blue carrying case.  The former owner kept all the accessories, manual, even the original receipt with the sewing machine.  It would be great if we kept documentation with each purchase.  Material history would be a lot more accurate. 

One collector took meticulous notes and care to document each of the 25 athletic medals won by Pte. John Tresidder.  He documented the date, the event, the medal maker and to the extent possible whether they were bronze, sterling or gold plated.  It seems from a brief ancestry review Pte. Tresidder was a decent athlete who enlisted in the army in WWI and was an unfortunate casualty of war.  We have for sale his medals which are quiet reminder of a life well lived and cut-off too early.