Location: Moffat
Date: November 17 – November 23, 2023
November 17 – November 23, 2023 Early treen, toleware, lighting, fireplace accessories & furniture from Ontario, New York, Ohio & Pennsylvania, First Nations baskets, a collection of some of the earliest Canadian table top hockey games, listed Canadian and European artists, antique and vintage toys, vintage guitars, vintage Christmas decorations, beer trays, and Birks Louis XV pattern sterling flatware, with exotic items from collectors who travelled through Europe and the Middle East in the 1990s.

From our ongoing relationships with several collectors we have put together our next auction.  The auction is replete with scarce and early examples of:  lighting, toleware, treen, fireplace accessories and redware.  Many of the earliest pieces have come from other collections in Ontario, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania over the past 50 years. 

There are many quality examples of early toleware and lighting.  Lighting spans 170 years from 1780 to 1950.  Early whale oil lamps in tin and pewter are pioneer examples, replaced by the new technology of kerosene (beacon lamps and CNR lamps), and later by modern mid-century teak lamps. 

One of the more curious pieces in this auction is a survivor of an experiment that went wrong.  An early potter tried to slip decorate an ovoid jug.  Well, the slip slipped leaving blotches where there should have been decorations.  Yet the piece still survives in its undecorated form 150 years later. 

We have an interesting array of early chairs in all sizes and shapes from late 18th C to mid 19th C.  One of the most curious is a bentwood back arm chair worthy of a mini thesis.  Its back is too straight and stiff, the legs not splayed enough, but it has an exceptionally well crafted seat and the joinery is top-notch.  Definitely a piece worthy of study. 

One of the hidden gems is an 18th C mahogany document box.  It is built like a mini chest with inside till and strap hinges.  The gable ends are decorated with compass stars.   

Another hidden gem is a painting by Isaac Levitan.  He was a 19th C Russian artist.  This particular work was offered for sale in a Paris Exposition of Russian art back in 1921.  The canvas edges need restoration but check out auction records for this well listed artist.   

One example of an interesting primitive is a planter, made with a “wheelbarrow handle” attached to a tapered disc for cutting single rows and a slide lid seed box with a mechanism for dispensing seed.  It is an ingenious device that definitely would save your back today when planting your garden – or makes a wonderful wall sculpture. 

This auction has 10 very early and scarce table top hockey games. Two of which are very early Canadian Munro examples.  One of the games comes with documentation that it was made in the Munro basement around 1935 prior to the family expanding to a business location. 

Another scarce game is the magnet hockey game where opponents moved their player with a magnet underneath the game surface.  Undoubtedly there was no pushing, punching, or shoving involved! 

Bringing back memories of Christmas’ past, this auction includes decorations from the 1960s – 80s.  There are lights, bulbs, Santas, stars and icicles.   

One of the highlights of the auction is a superb Harlander tall vase.  It has an abstract bird motif and is a superior example of the Harlanders’ work.   

Every auction is a learning experience.  We discovered this time a pair of 18th C woman’s platform mud shoes from New Brunswick.  The carved wooden platform was strapped to a woman’s boot.  The platform was then elevated about 1.5” by a forged iron ring cinched to the platform to keep her boots clear of the mud.  Can’t image walking the Loyalist streets of St. John on raised forged iron rings.  It is easy to see why they didn’t become all the rage! But they are a great collector’s piece. In fact they are far rarer than the famous Long Reach Skates of NB. 

Farther from home a collector lived and taught in Pakistan.  There he bought several mementos including an ornate brass floor lamp that looks very inviting when lit with candles.  He also collected Buddhist and other temple pieces that adorned their Toronto home for 40 years. 

Look at the workmanship in the First Nations’ basketry.  Steamed bent ash handles are a remarkable feat as the artisan probably has 45 seconds to bend the handles and form the loops around the wooden frame of the basket before the handle was no longer pliable.   

We always have a mix of other interesting items.  There is a good selection of Birks Louis XV sterling flatware.  See also the cameras, guitars and vintage hockey equipment listed in this auction. 

 As always, we encourage you to preview in person if possible. 

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