Date: FEBRUARY 4 – FEBRUARY 15, 2024
FEBRUARY 4 – FEBRUARY 15, 2024 Pottery, mirrors, statuary, kitchenware and furniture from the 17th, 18th, 19th C, combined with quality decoratives, prints, lighting, Persian carpets, coloured glass and furniture from the 20th and 21st C. to meet a wide range of decorating styles.

Online auctions are by their very nature somewhat remote and impersonal.  But let us share some of the passion, connoisseurship, and effort that went into the collections that we are offering in our current auction.

There are antiques and collectibles covering five centuries, from the 17th C and possibly earlier to the modern day 21st C decorative.  If we start with one example of the earliest pieces we have an English 17th C delftware lobed dish with Chinese decoration.  The Dutch and English had re-established trade with China and the Far East and domestic English and Dutch companies were copying the beautiful Chinese arts.  Potters in England mostly around London and Bristol started producing their own brand of delft pottery with slightly different decorations and techniques from the Dutch.  English delftware also known as galliware is less common than the Dutch tin glazed pottery.  

Our furniture collection has several pieces from the 18th C.  There is a standing desk called a secretaire abattant or fall front desk.  It is a totally practical solution for the modern work-from-home person because you have to put your papers, writing equipment, files, etc. away before you close the lid. It even has drawers to store treats for late night snacks.   All neatly and elegantly tucked away.  It can be used in the bedroom, den, office or library making it a very versatile piece. Another beautiful example of 18th C furniture is the South German slant front desk.  The workmanship and detail of the exotic inlay elevates this piece to the collector’s high standard.

There are also 18th C French Louis XV settees, Louis XVI chairs, and an English Georgian bureau to help furnish your home in style. There are more “modern” pieces that date to the late 19th C or into the 20th C that are produced in the style of earlier pieces.  The faux painted French chest of drawers with a simulated marble top is a great example.  So is the dramatic white marble top console table that would be a statement piece in any large foyer. For the family in need of display pieces we have two French provincial cupboards that are both practical and elegant at the same time.  They will complete any large library or dining room in a grand manner.

For the adventuresome or collector with a flair for the dramatic there is a pair of painted Italian fantasy cupboards with carved exotic creatures. It is very tempting to use the term unique to describe them.  

The antiques share the stage with many modern decoratives and accent pieces from another collector whose tastes ran toward the antique look but interpreted with modern copies.  There are candlesticks, glass display bowls, and sculptures that were displayed in large open wall cabinets.  

For the collector of glass we have a small but quality collection of antique and later cranberry glass, ruby and other cased glass examples.  The same family collected several hand knotted Persian rugs.  These rugs were acquired in the 1980s to furnish their new home.

For the gourmet cook or someone looking to decorate their kitchen there is an excellent selection of antique brass and iron cook pots, pans, ewers, etc.  There are also some intriguing andirons to outfit a fireplace or add an accent to a living room or den.

From an Oakville condo we added a number of dramatic prints.  There are limited edition prints from Dali and Miro which have the added distinction and bonus as being either artist estate prints or prints that are called hors commerce or prints not for sale. The highlight of her collection was a screenprint by the celebrated Canadian artist Christopher Pratt.  This very important print has been independently authenticated and comes with a full guarantee of authenticity.

We hope you take the opportunity to come preview the sale. This way you will get a better appreciation of the quality and utility of the furniture, art, and decoratives we have in this sale.