Location: Moffat, Ontario
Date: May 19 – June 1, 2023
May 19 – June 1, 2023 Early pine furniture, woodenware, pottery and flags, folk art, designer furnishings and accent pieces, Harley-Davidson collectibles, jewellery and art.

This is a wide ranging auction coming from private collections and four luxurious homes and condos in Toronto and Burlington.   

There are a number of early Ontario and Quebec pine cupboards.  The pine knockdown armoire from Quebec is beautifully refinished and still retains its original peg racks.  The Quebec linen press is a tall very early cupboard, very well constructed, which is ready to go into a new home or cottage.  The single drop leaf table is a survivor.  The surface and wear and simple home-made construction make this a very appealing piece.  The leaf has seldom been used so retains all its original paint, the stretchers are well worn, which tells the story of who and how the table was used over the last nearly two centuries.  

Our auction has a number of pieces of estate gold and silver jewellery.  All have been inspected by a professional jeweller.  There are gold rings, gold necklaces and silver earrings. 

One of the more intriguing collections in this auction is the grouping of Harley-Davidson scale models, steins, signs, and memorabilia.  All have been carefully stored, mostly in glass display cabinets. Many come with their original certificates.  The former owner rode a Harley, and he and his wife spent many weekends out riding, hosting breakfasts for fellow riders, and raising monies for charity. 

The more contemporary furnishings in this auction come from a number of homes and reflect different tastes.  There are the traditional classical pieces made by Gibbard and Baker in mahoganies and exotic woods like the coffee table and the silver table. The upholstered pieces are copies of Victorian or Georgian furniture.  One condo was decorated in an easy living style with an emphasis on comfort and elegance.  Check out the rattan and bamboo furniture.  The arm chairs are simply ultra- comfortable.   These pieces came from exclusive shops across North America. 

It is difficult to see how beautifully the decorative accessories can add to the warmth and style of a home when they are listed as lots in any auction, rather than being seen in their original place in the home.   Many of the pieces were housed in cabinets or sat atop wall cupboards as dramatic accent pieces. They provided beauty, colour and interest to the homes’ interiors.   

Worthy of note is the professional grade sewing and embroidery equipment from one estate.  The Bernina and Imagine Wave machines, the accessories and patterns etc. speak to a passion and expertise for sewing and embroidery.  The equipment seems to all be in top condition, with a comprehensive supply of extra parts and attachments. 

And last of all the folk art.  This small grouping came from one collector who had an eye for the dramatic.  The Native American wooden bust from Quebec for example uses pointilist technique to enhance the dramatic effect.  And what an imagination the artist had, as you finally notice that the head which is in profile has only one eye centred in the middle of the face.  Other pieces of the folk art tell their own stories.  All the pieces were made by artists in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.  

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