Are you wondering about the value of your family heirlooms, like your grandmother’s dining room set or your great aunt’s upright piano? It’s a common question, and we understand your curiosity. But let’s be honest; the answers may not always match your expectations. Markets evolve, and antiques can go in and out of fashion.

That teacup your grandmother cherished may not fetch as much today as it did a few months ago, and that dining room set that cost a fortune forty years ago might not command the same value at auction now. Why does this happen? Well, it’s a complex interplay of factors – demographics, style trends, house sizes, supply and demand, influencers, and fads.

First Steps in Antique Appraisal

So, if you’re considering selling your collection of old hockey cards or mid-century modern furniture, what’s your next move? It’s quite simple. You can either make a short online inquiry to Visbids or give us a call. Our response comes in two parts: a free, no-obligation consultation, or a fee-for-service antique appraisal. Yes, you read that right; there are still free services with no strings attached, although they are becoming rarer.

Informal Valuation

Let’s start with the free option. If you have items you’re thinking about selling, whether it’s because you’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo or you’re tasked with handling your parents’ estate, get in touch with us via email at Send us a few pictures and a brief description along with your name, of course. These pictures will help us provide a rough estimate of your collection’s market value and whether it aligns with our online auction platform. 

Afterward, we’ll reach out to you for a more in-depth discussion and to outline our fee structure. If it seems like a good fit, we can even arrange an on-site inspection to provide you with an informal ballpark valuation. We encourage you to explore our past sales results from the last two years on by clicking on “Past Sales.” Remember, this valuation is entirely free and without any obligations.

Formal Valuation

There are occasions when a formal appraisal becomes necessary. For instance, estate probate often demands a certified appraiser’s formal assessment. When multiple beneficiaries need to distribute an estate or collection fairly based on financial value, a formal appraisal becomes indispensable. If you plan to donate significant cultural property to a museum or cultural institution, or if you intend to donate items to charity for tax purposes, a formal appraisal is usually required.

At Visbids, we have a partner who is a certified appraiser in Canada. He can provide a detailed appraisal, complete with fair market comparisons and valuations for your collection. This service entails an on-site visit, resulting in a comprehensive written report, complete documentation, and photographs of the appraised items. Of course, this service is fee-based.

Next Steps in Antique Appraisal

If you decide to sell your collection, you can choose to contract with Visbids or explore other auction house options or arrangements that suit your preferences. Should you opt for Visbids, you’ll find the process seamless and, once again, without any obligation.

Understanding the worth of your cherished items is the first step in making informed decisions. At Visbids, we’re here to help you navigate this process, providing expert appraisals and guidance along the way. So, whether you’re curious about the value of family fine art or seeking the best antique appraisal services in Ontario, trust Visbids as your one-stop shop for estate and downsizing needs.

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