Location: 2100 28 Side Road, Moffat (Milton), Ontario
Date: March 15 – 23, 2023
March 15 – 23, 2023 Antique furniture from the 17th C to Edwardian, some modern design, Chinese, Kashmir and other textiles, gold & silver jewellery and flatware, Chinese porcelains and pottery, Royal Doulton and Albert, Minton, Limoges, Shelley, Belleek porcelains, fraternal regalia, collections of antique fans and chatelaines, art, a very low mileage 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport, etc.

The feature lot in this auction is not an antique or collectible. Lot 25 is a like-new 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport.  The SUV has been superbly maintained.  The owners fulfilled the two Nisan recalls.  The SUV has been Krown rust coated and tire shined.  The owners even maintained a chart calculating fuel consumption per fill up.  The vehicle has been accessorized with weather guard floor and trunk mats.  A check of the glove compartment lead to the discovery of the Michelin winter tires Lot 25a which were still in storage at the garage where they were bought.  The vehicle has only 11,000 kms. The estate has asked that a confidential reserve price be placed on the vehicle.

There are five collections coming from one estate.  The owners were advanced collectors of antique chatelaines.  A chatelaine is a chain or clasp worn by the woman in charge of a large house from which keys, trinkets, notepads, scissors, compacts, purses, etc. were attached. There are several lots of chatelaines with accessories like writing pads, compacts, mirrors, purses.  Many of these are from the late 19C.

The same collectors had an interest in early fabrics as well.  We have examples of embroidery in gold thread, Kashmiri shawls, an altar frontal, and a large Chinese embroidered wall hanging. There is an interesting assortment of fraternal collars, aprons, scarves.  Purses and hand bags also caught their fancy.  From Whiting and Davis to hand made purses from Japan and Hong Kong are included. And they were collectors of fans.  Each of the fans is worthy of a close look.  Many are hand embroidered silk, others are hand painted, others have beautifully carved and decorated blades and guards in bone, wood, bakelite.  There are even fans from the old Eaton’s Co. when they had stores in Toronto and Winnipeg. Fans come from France, Japan, Canada, China, and many other countries. And to round out their collections they had an interest in early shoe buckles and belt buckles.  Some of the shoe hardware dates back to the Georgian period and some of the lots in this auction are similar to pieces in British museums.

A personal favourite from their collection is a belt buckle Lot 248.  The clasp is designed in the form of a sea turtle.

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