Location: Brantford
Date: November 10, 2023 – November 16, 2023
November 10, 2023 – November 16, 2023 A large selection of antique oak, including barrister's bookcases, table top files, large document or map case, antique books, including 18th C series of leather bound books, vintage musical instruments, china, sterling silver, soapstone sculptures, original artwork, vintage and antique jewellery and watches, carpets, clocks, vintage Christmas ornaments, antique and vintage cameras, a large selection of porcelain dolls, Marantz receiver, antique lighting, furniture, decoys and more.

Welcome to our November Estates Auction! Visbids is offering a large selection of antique oak office accessories. We have table top files, lecterns, a fabulous map or document chest, replete with early twenty first century Canadian maps, and an early Grand and Toy oak side table, from one of Canada’s first office supply retail outlets.  

 As well, there is a nice selection of oak barrister’s bookcases. These are stacking, sectional bookcases that were easy to transport, by section, to the courthouse from the law office. Hard to imagine in these days of cell phones and laptops, but this enabled the barrister to have immediate access to any reference books or papers that they may have found themselves in need of. They were made of walnut or mahogany, but most commonly of oak. Two of the bookcases up for bidding are unusual in that the retracting doors have beveled glass panels. Globe-Wernicke is synonymous with the barrister bookcase. They were established in 1899, when Otto Wernicke bought the Globe Company. They went on to acquire the Fred Macey Company, another well-known maker of this style of bookcase. A lovely, elegant bookcase that can be stacked to any height you desire, they are as at home in our contemporary surroundings as they were in law offices a century ago! 

 The mid twentieth century could be described as the golden age of stereophonic technology, as Japanese manufacturers competed with each other to produce the finest in stereo components. 

The Marantz receiver we have on offer is considered one of the best performers of all the Marantz receivers. Produced from 1977-1979, it is known for its warm sound and exceptional build quality. A solid state receiver, incorporating the innovative design and unparalleled technology that have made Marantz famous in the audio component industry has been recently cleaned and serviced, and is in excellent working order. 

 Along with stacking bookcases and stereo components, both very much of their time, and innovative for their eras, we have a series of four volumes of leather bound books from the 18th C. by Cornelius Tacitus. These Latin texts, dated 1771, are the complete works, or “opera” of Tacitus, a Roman senator and historian, born in Gaul around 56 CE. Tacitus, unlike more pedantic historians of his time, was known for his vivid and entertaining accounts of historical events. Unfortunately, this meant embellishing, or leaving inconvenient facts out altogether, in pursuit of a good story! These volumes are in unusually good condition considering their age, and a truly remarkable piece of history.  

 Our November auction is rounded out with a large selection of vintage porcelain dolls, in exquisite dresses, antique paintings, some lovely handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, and many vintage musical instruments. Happy bidding!