Location: Moffat, Ontario
Date: June 26, 2024 – July 11, 2024
June 26, 2024 – July 11, 2024 A large multi-estate sale from private homes in Stratford, Kitchener, Dundas and Toronto. The sale offers a curated selection of silver, gold and diamond jewellery, costume jewellery, watches, sterling flatware including five impressive sets of sterling flatware, Royal International Danish, Christofle, P.W. Ellis, Wallace, and Birks, 2015 Honda Acura TLX, Pequegnat clocks, vintage Persian carpets, antique china, collectible tea cups, Swarovski crystal figurines, original Canadian and African art, antique and mid-century furniture, antique exotic walking sticks, Inuit sculptures, Roberto Clemente autographed baseball and other sports memorabilia, vintage table top hockey games, plus a Chapman Bros. pool table, cues and accessories, and treadmills located in Toronto, along with other family treasures.

When you look at any estate or multi-estate auction, keep two words in mind – discovery and passion.

If you are a discerning collector you will often find a detail others miss or overlook.  It may be an artist’s largest painting or the subjects he/she is best known to create.  For a collectible, it may be a first issue or a prototype that didn’t go into production.  Old maps may be produced by famous cartographers and may be extremely rare. There are infinite possibilities.  These details when discovered can add significant value.  

When we were helping to downsize a living estate in Toronto we found an autographed baseball.  Was it just another old baseball? It turns out the ball was given to the present consignor when she was a young woman sitting in one of the first rows above the Pittsburg Pirates dug-out when they were playing the Expos at Jarry Park in September 1972.  The woman caught the eye of Roberto Clemente who not only signed the baseball and tossed it to her, but also invited her to stay at his family estate in Puerto Rico with him and his wife Vera.  That visit never took place.  Unfortunately Clemente tragically died at the end of that season on January 1, 1973 when his plane crashed while on a humanitarian supply flight to Nicaragua.  Clemente had chosen to deliver personally the supplies because of the corruption in Nicaragua and his determination to see that the goods got directly to those most in need.

The baseball although not “PSA” certified is guaranteed as authentic (Lot 10).

The way a home is furnished and decorated speaks to the passions and life experiences of the owners.  A Stratford estate was decorated with art from Stratford plays. The family were patrons of the arts in Stratford.  They attended many of the shows and collected art by Canadian artists who produced portraiture of leading characters in Stratford plays.

While living and working in Africa they also collected many original works by African artists.  If you follow the emerging market in the art world you will see great strides being made by Caribbean, African and South American artists.  More African artists will soon be “discovered” by sophisticated collectors and their art will rise in value.  

It was the fashion of the day to set an elegant table for formal dinners. From five separate homes we have impressive sets of Danish International Sterling flatware, Christofle, P.W. Ellis, Birks, and Wallace sterling. Each would have held pride of place in days gone by and will certainly dazzle your guests today.  There is even a Poul Petersen single sterling candle stick that sat centre table at all formal dinner parties.  Carl Poul Petersen brought over the traditions and techniques of his homeland and went on to work in Montreal eventually becoming one of the more famous silversmiths in Canada for his Danish Modern designs. 

Another collector’s passion was walking sticks.  This auction focuses on the exotic, offering walking sticks with pens, swords, and watches.   

There is much more in this large and varied sale. See what you can discover and enjoy the sale!


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