1. Visbids makes every reasonable effort to ensure the security of consigned items. However, the seller/consignor has complete responsibility for insuring their items prior to their sale. Liability transfers to the buyer upon completion of the sale transaction.
  2. The seller, by signing the Auction Consignment Form (contract), agrees with all the Terms and Conditions set out in visbids.com and hibid.com.
  3. The seller is required to disclose any liens or encumbrances of anything they consign.
  4. There is a standard contract fee schedule set out in the Visbids’ Auction Consignment Form.
  5. Once the consignor has entered into a contract with Visbids, the consignor cannot make any effort to sell the item themselves.
  6. The consignor is strictly prohibited from bidding on their own merchandise or arranging for others to bid on their behalf.

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