Location: Moffat, Ontario
Date: April 12 – April 18, 2024
April 12 – April 18, 2024 Multiple estates from Toronto with items including a Murano sculpture by Toso, a painting by Itschak Tarkay, vintage art posters from Toronto galleries, exceptional Canadian original art work including a number of commissioned works, mid-century furniture, lighting including quality bronze sconces, American and Canadian silver dollars and mint coin sets, large collections of RCMP and Royalty memorabilia, oriental carpets, designer furniture from Ralph Lauren and Elte, vintage jewellery including a collection of amber, sterling including Christofle, vintage corning ware, large selection of Swarovski figurines in original boxes, antiques and so much more.

Each consignment carries a different and unique story.  This auction has several consignors so we will stick to the highlights and some of the discoveries made along the way in putting this auction together. While there is a variety of objects in this auction, one of the overarching themes is the scope of artistic objects from 7 foot sculptures to 7mm crystal figurines.

One Toronto home was sold and was slated for major renovations so all the fixtures and lawn decorations had to be removed.  Visbids had the good fortune of retrieving several original bronze sconces and an arts and crafts chandelier from the 19105-10 Forest Hill home.  The owners were art collectors, philanthropists and supporters of local artists.  They placed a brutalist sculpture made from heavy machine parts created by an innovative 16 year old on their front lawn.  The Sentinel as we call him is now one of the highlight lots of our auction.  It would have been fascinating to hear what the reactions in this conservative part of Toronto were in the 1960’s when this was given pride of place in the front yard!

The consignors also supported and collected local artists and events.  We have a time capsule of gallery exhibit posters from around Toronto. And there is more.  They were enthusiastic collectors of RCMP memorabilia.  Probably they amassed one of the biggest private collections of patriotic Mountie items from posters to lead figures.  And to top it off they commissioned Blake Williams a Vancouver artist to create a one-of-a-kind diorama of the Mounties on Parliament Hill.  Realizing it needed a base they then commissioned a Toronto company to make a base copying a Mountie uniform. 

Several very well listed artists were collected by one prominent Toronto designer.  Included in this auction is an original painting by Fred Tymeshenko who was also an avid folk art collector and an Isaac (Itschak) Tarkay, a prominent figure with over 50 international exhibitions in his resume. 

The auction has several bronzes. One highlight is a bronze plaque of George VIII by William Oosterhoff who was head of the Canadian Parliamentary sculpture group. The other is a pair of bookends which we assume were commissioned to remember their Scotty dog named Heather Sensation created by Phyllis Jacobine Jones who did major projects for the Bank of Canada. Both Oosterhoff and Jones are considered important Canadian artists but there is little by way of auction records of their work.  These two pieces are museum quality.

Another of our consignments came from a woman who worked many years for Corning Glass in Canada.  She was proud enough of her employer to put together a collection of Corning ware cooking and serving pieces from the 1960’s and 1970’s. She also was a passionate collector of Swarovski admiring the quality and attention to detail.  We have only started to sell her collection of crystal figurines.  

One final highlight is the Stephano Toso Murano glass sculpture.  Purchased in Toronto from a local gallery this is a major work by this well established Italian artist who has now retired from glass making.  

There are many other pieces of note in the auction so we hope you will take the time to carefully look through the entire collection and find those items that resonate with your taste.  Happy hunting.

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